About Us

Today’s sporting industry is as competitive as it’s ever been. Athletes are continuously attempting to find an edge in their sport, in the classroom, and a platform gaining exposure

The V.M.A. Experience, designed by Very Motivated Athletes, is an online community of the industry’s most successful coaches and players, aimed to be a resource tool for athletes used to create a platform and achieve their athletic and academic goals.

As an online community we reach out to the industry’s most successful coaches and players to develop a catalogue of resources to increase the up-and-coming athletes’ chances of excelling at their sport, being recruited, and gaining exposure.

The V.M.A. Experience will create athletic events that will yield the best chance for an athlete to make it to college and to the professional level.

The V.M.A. Experience will garner a wide net of information from our NFL experts. At our events, we invite a multitude of perspectives from our industry leaders to arrive at the best ideas in progressing your career path.

We give you the opportunity to learn from our industry leaders and get step-by-step guidelines to encourage proper development as you explore your athletic and academic career path.

We are here to enhance quality chances for an athlete to receive the best resources to achieve athletically. We believe that you can make it to the professional level. We provide the resources or footsteps to make it to the professional level.



For the Very Motivated Athlete.